Advanced genetics technology for diagnostic, reproductive and proactive testing.

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Providers can request genetic testing for their patients. Learn more

Genetic Tetsing for Clinical Diagnosis | AdvaGenix | Advanced Genetic Sciences

Diagnostic Gene Testing

Confirm a clinical diagnosis, get a better understanding of your prognosis and assist your physician in direct medical care. Learn more.

Genetic Sciences for Reproductive Health | AdvaGenix | Advanced Genetic Sciences

Reproductive Health

Make more healthy pregnancies possible with carrier screening prior to your pregnancy, preimplantation genetic testing of your IVF embryos, prenatal genetic testing and cell free fetal DNA testing. Learn more.

Genetic Testing for Personalized Medicine | AdvaGenix | Advanced Genetic Sciences

Personalized Medicine

Know your genetic blueprint for a healthy life. Understand your predisposition for certain types of cancer, heart disorders and so much more. Learn more.

Genetic Testing for Cancer | AdvaGenix | Advanced Genetic Sciences

Cancer Testing

We provide the most comprehensive next generation sequencing on all types of cancer cells, including circulating tumor cells, for early detection. Learn more.

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Whole Genome and Clinical Exome Sequencing

Sequencing the entire genome, and specifically all 21,000+ genes within an exome, plays a vital role in personalized medicine. Learn more.

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Learn how your body metabolizes food and drugs, and determine your body's response to diet, exercise and more. Learn more.

The leaders in genetic testing

  • First genetics laboratory to employ next generation sequencing, Sanger sequencing and qPCR for all tests.
  • Intelligent, and HIPAA approved cloud bioinformatics, with fully automated, turn-key analytics. All data is permanently stored for future use
  • Greater than 99% reliability rate.

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Having genetic information isn't the same as understanding it.

We provide pre and post-test genetic counseling services for all of our patients.

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Genetics by Numbers

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Affordable Genetic Testing

Because the cost of genetic testing shouldn’t exclude anyone.

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