Genetic Testing Consultation

Knowing genetic information isn’t the same as understanding it. We provide pre- and post-test genetic counseling services for all of our patients.

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Our standard genetic consultation services include:

  • Case discussion and follow-up with a medical geneticist or genetic counselor.
  • We provide healthcare professionals the opportunity to discuss each potential genetic test for their patients and to obtain our recommendation on whether genetic testing should be done.

Each consult is performed by a medical geneticist or genetic counselor

We will discuss:

  • Three-generation pedigree review.
  • Discuss the type of proposed genetic testing.
  • Review the risks and benefits associated with testing.
  • For reproductive testing, we will:
    • Discuss the risk of damaging an embryo during the biopsy.
    • Discuss the risk of mosaicism.
    • Discuss expectations regarding clinical pregnancy, miscarriage and the delivery of a healthy baby.
    • Ensure the patient and partner have a full understanding of PGD and all questions answered.
  • Discuss the worldwide mis-diagnosis rate.
  • Consult note added to each patient’s chart electronically.

Why is a Genetic Testing Consultation Important?

“When I do a consult with a patient, I go through their history – their three generation history – and then I go through different risks and benefits of what the tests can give them.”

Dr. William Kearns discusses why communication between the IVF clinics and geneticists is an important aspect when it comes to genetic testing, while informing patients of the benefits and risks of their genetic testing.